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Why choose Mouth : Public Relations?

Mouth : Public Relations is a fresh & focused boutique PR firm with a stellar traditional media background combined with an Internet marketing edge—designed to propel you and your company into the media spotlight.

It’s simple. The world is so competitive these days, and if you don’t have the branding tools to call out to the consumer, you’re sunk. Our mission is to be the messenger of your message and the “one stop shop” for your brand. We will embrace your philosophy and represent you with the utmost respect. We know all levels of media and will use our long-established relationships to pitch your project with a professional, powerful, and practical approach that will deliver a solid ROI. Plus, we understand Internet marketing. While we’re developing a traditional PR platform and creating your Web site, video promo, and iPhone app, our Internet teams will be building your blog, microsite, and alternative social personalities in the ever-changing world of the Web.


Boasting more than 300 clients since its inception in 2006, Mouth Public Relations, LLC, founded by veteran publicist, Justin Loeber, celebrates its 9th anniversary in 2015. The agency is proud to represent clients in the celebrity, consumer, book, health/wellness, food, business, new media, beauty/lifestyle and fashion categories, including more than 22 New York Times best-selling authors. Mouth Public Relations has grown from a company of 1, (working out of a bedroom), to more than 5, (out of offices in the Financial District in New York City), and has celebrated a growth pattern of 200 to 270 percent each year since its inception. The services offered to clients include pitching and booking national and local, TV, radio, print and online print media, speaking engagements and radio tours; social Internet marketing, website design, crisis management, B2B PR, press release writing, media prepping, event and red carpet planning, and branding, as example.